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Equality & Desegregation

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  1. Equality happens when individuals or groups share resources or what is available in even or fair ways. Do you recall a time when things that were unfair or uneven were made “equal”? What role did you play in that process?
  2. Desegregation happens when groups or individuals who have been segregated unjustly and to the detriment of particular groups or individuals are required (often by law) to come back together. Do you recall a time when you were required to join together with another group or set of individuals from who you had been separated? What were the challenges in doing this? What were the benefits?
  3. Do you recall a time when you were in the same physical vicinity as others while still being very divided in opinion, outlook or mindset? What did you do to bring more unity to the situation? What was done by others?
  4. What stories of “coming together” or “equalizing” have been important to you, to your family or to your community?

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