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Division & Loss…

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  1. Division happens when something that is whole becomes broken into pieces for some reason. Do you recall an early time when something you’d counted on always being whole got broken or divided? How did that feel the first time it happened? What did you do?
  2. Loss is when something you’ve had disappears, is taken away or becomes lost. What are some of the people or important things or ideas that you’ve lost at some point? How did that loss impact you, your family or your community? How did it change your perspective on life or on others?
  3. Identity comes partly through what we have or who we are, but also through what we don’t have, what we have lost or who we are not. What broken, divided, lost or separated elements play a role in your identity?
  4. What stories of Division or Loss play a big role in your life? In your family’s life? In your community’s life?

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