“I am reminded of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s encouragement to Americans to never forget their humanity. As of today, I urge you-if it is lost, now is the time to dig deep and find it.” 

Robin White- January 21, 2021

The Green Siblings Project was granted funding by the US National Park Service to complete a documentary film as a part of the educational resources connected with the project. We are excited to announce the release of the film in February 2021, just in time to be a part of the annual “Black History Month” activities.

The film explores aspects of the lives of the Green Siblings– their navigations through the 1957 Little Rock Central High School Desegregation crisis and it’s long-term ramifications– and also draws connections with social justice and racial justice issues among indigenous communities in South Dakota where Treopia (Green) Washington and the film-makers Scott Simpson and Sharla Steever have worked for many years.

The film has been structured with the Green Siblings Project Social Justice Workshop for Educators in mind, and supports a deep focus on that resource. The full film is 1 hour and 2 minutes, but we have also included a “segmented” way to engage with the film that breaks it into smaller sections for more focused viewing and discussion. We will soon be developing guided discussion questions for each of those segments.

Additionally, the instrumental soundtrack of the film has been turned into a song and music video, “Ever Green” by Nanapapa out of Spearfish, SD. The song is based upon the traditional wisdom shared with us by Robin White. In the original Gullah language it reads,

Hunnuh mus tek cyare de root fa heal de tree.” Queen Quet, Chieftess of the Gullah/Geechee Nation www.QueenQuet.com

Full Film (1 hr, 1 min)

Ever Green by Nanapapa (Official Music Video)

Warning: Contains 3 brief historical images that some viewers may find disturbing.


Part 1: Introductions (18 min)

Part 2: Desegregation Isn’t Integration (9 min)

Part 3: Equality Isn’t Equity (16 min)

Part 4: Privilege Creates Misunderstanding (11 min)

Part 5: Where to Now? (8 min)