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Equity & Integration

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  1. Equity is a step beyond equality in that it makes certain that each individual has what he or she needs, not simply the same as everyone else. What examples of “equity beyond mere equality” have you seen personally? What role did you play in the development of this equity?
  2. Integration moves beyond desegregation because it implies that people are “together” in ways that extend beyond physical proximity. In your experience, what strategies can help individuals find more unity with others around them whose opinions, experiences or mindsets differ in fundamental ways?
  3. What examples have you seen of groups or individuals who have moved beyond “equality” to “equity” or beyond “desegregation” to true “integration”? What lessons might we learn from these groups or individuals?
  4. What stories of equity or integration have inspired you, your family or your community?

This is the end of the “Loss & Growth Process” unit.