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Inequality & Segregation

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  1. Inequality happens when individuals or groups divide resources or what is available in uneven or unfair ways. Are there times when you have been the victim of inequality? Are there times when you have perpetuated inequality?
  2. Segregation happens when groups or individuals who could be united as a whole instead become segmented into exclusive groups, often with one group or set of individuals exerting power to reject others. Do you recall a time when you were part of a group that rejected others? Do you recall being rejected because you were part of a particular group?
  3. In Plessy v. Ferguson (1896), the US Supreme Court declared that “Separate but Equal” was constitutional, but in a series of cases beginning with Brown v. Board of Education (1954), they declared that, in the context of schools and educational facilities, it was not. What makes segregation in schools or education unequal? What makes segregation in any context lead to inequality?
  4. What stories of inequality or segregation are important in your understanding of yourself, your family or your community?

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