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Restorative Justice & Empowerment

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  1. Restorative Justice occurs when an injustice is recognized and action is taken by those who have benefitted from that injustice to make things “just” for those who have been hurt. Do you recall a time when you or a group that you are a part of has taken organized action to correct an injustice? How was that decision made? How were those impacted by the injustice involved in the process? What was the outcome?
  2. To feel “empowered” means to know that you have “agency” in making decisions, defining outcomes and taking action for yourself. Have you had the experience of feeling truly “in control” of your own destiny? If so, what helped you to feel that way? In what ways were others involved in your empowerment? How were others helpful or not helpful in your arrival at that point?
  3. What communities or movements are you aware of that have played a role in promoting Restorative Justice and the Empowerment of others in some way? How have these communities or movements impacted you, your family or community directly?
  4. Do you, your family or your community have and share any important stories concerning Restorative Justice or Empowerment? Do you know individuals with first-hand experiences of Restorative Justice and Empowerment activities? What role do these individuals play within your family or community?

This is the end of the “Action to Outcome Cycle” unit.