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Denial & Disempowerment

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  1. Being “in denial” involves being “blind” to the inequity or disempowerment of another individual or group. Have you ever been in denial or blind to another group’s oppression? How did you come out of denial? What woke you up? Is it possible that you are in denial concerning others now?
  2. Have you ever felt utterly dis-empowered by some group, policy or institution? How did that come about? What did you do about it? Has the situation been resolved now?
  3. Where would you place yourself in most of your life– in the role of “dominant” or “non-dominant”? When are you most potentially in a “dominant” position with others? When are you most potentially in a “non-dominant” position? How might your experience of one of these two help you deal better with the other?
  4. What stories of being in denial or of disempowerment are important within your family or community? When are these stories told and how do they help?

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