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Awareness & Education

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  1. When an individual begins to gain an awareness of his or her own privilege in relationship to another person or group, that awareness sometimes leads to a feeling of guilt, and sometimes it leads to the need to take action. Have you ever become aware of inequity and of your own privilege that you were moved to feel guilty? Were your moved to take positive action? Did both occur? How helpful was/is “guilt”? How is that related to taking, or not taking action?
  2. Oftentimes, being disempowered places people in a position of not being “in the know” or “educated” about important things, and places them further toward the “outside” of groups that are “in the know”. Have you ever experienced an opportunity to learn or gain some knowledge that was previously kept away from you? How did that feel? What new insights did you gain? How did it impact your relationship with others who may have already possessed that knowledge or education?
  3. “Awareness” and “Education” are closely related. Are there types of “Awareness” you possess BECAUSE you have been shut out of other types of “education”? How has the formal education you have received impacted your awareness? Has it been for the better or for the worse? How can you tell?
  4. What stories or perspectives on education or learning are important within your family or community? How have those stories impacted you or others in your family or community?

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