Our Approach

By capturing the compelling and powerful stories of the Green Siblings, their important historical narrative will be preserved for future generations. Resources developed from these stories by skilled learning experts will be applicable and available for use by educators and learners across the world.  Our team has been working in the area of cultural understanding and culturally responsive ways of being in learning environments since 2012, specifically within the Native American communities in South Dakota, North Dakota, Wyoming and Montana.  As mentioned before, the work is the WoLakota Project, and information about it is found at www.wolakotaproject.org and www.teachingsofourelders.org

We are approaching the Green Siblings Project using methodologies that incorporate the identification of “essential understandings” established by the Greens, use of video interview clips, the development of “Learn About” and “Learn From” questions and culturally responsive classroom practices embodied by the Circle of Trust® approach developed by the Center for Courage and Renewal. These approaches are at the core of the Wolakota Project’s impactful work with communities and schools who have incorporated Indigenous Essential Understandings developed by Native Elders over the last 10 years. The combination of a powerful documentary, an accompanying book and a set of free, web-based video resources will ensure a multitude of inroads to learning about and from these wonderful individuals and this powerful event in our recent history.