Processing Each Set of Questions

In your conversation circles, take a few minutes to listen to the selected set of interviews and read the section together aloud. Then take 10 to 15 minutes to journal individually. Once everyone is finished, begin your time of sharing and listening. Take whatever amount of time is needed for everyone who wants to share to share. Remembering the Touchstones, feel free to offer an occasional “Honest, Open Question” but refrain from “fixing, saving, advising or correcting”. Most importantly, set a goal to listen deeply and develop deeper understanding of the others in your circle and of your own experiences.

The Family Circle…

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“Family” is defined in different ways by different people, but every individual defines his or her own family at some point as they move into adulthood. Family members can become family because of births, marriages, ceremonies, adoptions, deep relationships, special circumstances or simply by personal choice. However “family” is defined, it generally includes the first and most powerful set of relational influences individuals have– more influential than most other communities we may be a part of.

  1. How do you define “family” for yourself? Who is included in your family? How would you characterize your role within your family? How has your role transformed or evolved over time?
  2. What role has empathy played within your family? In what important ways have you shown empathy within your family? In what important ways have you received empathy within your family? Has a lack of empathy ever characterized your family?
  3. In what ways do you receive support from your family? In what ways do you give support within your family?
  4. Have you ever felt challenged by members of your family to adjust your own thinking or actions? Was this a positive thing or a negative thing? What was the outcome?
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